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Our new technology Ribbon loudspeaker systems offer the transparency, detail and soundstaging of the classic electrostatic and ribbon loudspeakers in much smaller, stereo, THX, DTS, and Dolby Digital compatible packages. 

Listening room and amplifier friendly, Newform Ribbons redefine the state of the art in loudspeaker design, combining plug and play ease of use with uncompromising fidelity. 

Newform offers internationally reviewed and acclaimed loudspeaker systems, loudspeaker kits, and bare Ribbon midrange tweeters at amazingly low factory direct prices which include UPS delivery in North America. 

Our Ribbon midrange tweeters and kits are used by hobbyists and custom installers around the world. Newform's focus is on practical excellence and simple designs for the purpose of providing great dynamics and unmatched soundstaging focus in your listening room. Performance, yes. Bafflegab, no. 

These new Ribbon technology Loudspeakers are uniquely well suited to producing superb fidelity in stereo and home theater systems both now and in the future. Our scaleable Ribbon Loudspeakers will simplify your system installation and greatly improve its performance. We will help you with your project. 

All Newform Research Loudspeakers are covered by a 5 year warranty and have a 30 day "Let's Make Sure" money back guarantee.

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