Module 30

Floor standing Module 30 with single Peerless midbass and 30" Ribbon.  a sub is needed for medium sized rooms or larger or for home theater

R8 Baffle Mount

Baffle Mount 8" Ribbon made for conventional loudspeaker designs.


R30 Ribbon suitable for use with any high quality 8" or smaller midbass. 


R15 15" Ribbon generally used in top mount configuration but can be used in Coaxial Ribbon LineSource configuration with 7" midbasses.

Ribbon Tower 30

Ribbon Tower 30 with 6 hd 4" Peerless woofers and a single 30" Oval Ribbon.  Very small footprint and very high dynamics.  Natural finish or RED or charcoal textured.

The Ribbon Tower 15 is a classic 2 way loudspeaker system in the narrowest profile possible.  It's small footprint and wide dispersion allow great placement flexibility while still maintaining a superb soundstage.  The use of a 15" Ribbon and multiple midbass drivers assures very high dynamics and great clarity unmatched in this form factor.

The Ribbon Tower 15 can be used in virtually all rooms in most ranges of systems from pure stereo in a dedicated music system to full surround sound in a large home theater system.  Because of its considerable bass reach,it would only need the low frequency output augmentation of a subwoofer in a stereo system in medium sized room or in a home theater installation.

As with all Newform Ribbon loudspeakers, superb results can be achieved with a wide range of tube and solid state electronics.
Please e-mail us for a discussion of your equipment, your room  and your system plans.


R548 with Oval sided cabinet and 4 Peerless 5" HD midbasses and Baffle Mount 8" Ribbon.

R58 Oval

R58 Oval cabinet using one 5" Peerless HD midbass and the new Baffle mount 8" Ribbon.

NHB Module 30

No Holds Barred Module 30 uses the 30" R30 Ribbon with dual 5" ScanSpeak Revelator 5" midbasses.  Small profile with superb sound and small profile.

Triple Stacked LSM

Coaxial Ribbon LineSource configuration with three LSM modules and 1 Oval 45 and 12 Peerless heavy duty mid-basses per side.  Oak finish.  Suitable for main left and right or rears in any sized room.  Absolute and graceful room control.

No Holds Barred Triple LSM

Coaxial Ribbon Linesource configuration with three stacked LSM No Holds Barred modules and 1 Oval 45 and 9 ScanSpeak Revelator 5" heavy duty mid-basses per side.  Oak finish.  Suitable for main left and right, in large to very large rooms.  Absolute high end audio.

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