Super Module - The Skeleton Speaker

The Super Module    - The Skeleton Speaker -  Art Techo

The new Super Module combines everything we have learned over 30 years about delivering high resolution audio in the home.  The Super Module is destined to attain the classic high end speaker status of the R645 which has stood as a reference for many audiophiles for over 15 years.

The Super Module simply eliminates more errors in music reproduction than virtually any other loudspeaker.  Diffraction, baffle bounce and floor and ceiling interactions are, for all practical purposes, eliminated, thereby allowing every nuance of the music to be fully appreciated.   This loudspeaker paints a very black background.

The result is unsurpassed soundstaging, sublime transparency from a loudspeaker which simply disappears.  The Super Module gets out of the way of the music better than any other loudspeaker design and yet is easy to place in the listening room and easy to drive to realistic levels.  Newform Ribbons present a very easy load and do not have to be babied (or maintained for that matter).  Tube amps, good receivers (Onkyo etc) and the traditional well engineered component amplifiers will all see their full musical abilities faithfully represented by the Super Modules.

Full dynamics are on tap for the most demanding home theater scenes and towering musical crescendos while rich detail stands out in soft passages and at low levels.

The Super Module (nicknamed “The Cloud” by some avid audiophiles) can serve very well as a full range speaker in a music system in a small to medium sized room.  For larger rooms and home theater systems, a subwoofer should be used from 20Hz to 45Hz.  This combination will produce unrestricted dynamics in any domestic environment.

Please note that grills are no longer offered.

Stands are both mandatory and included with this loudspeaker.  If you intend to wall mount or build your own stand, deduct $450 from the pair price.

The standard Super Module uses 4 Peerless 5" midbasses.  The upgrade path takes the form of 3  ScanSpeak Revelator midbasses.  The results are stellar although the price is steep - add $1930 for the pair.