Line Source Monitor-Triple

Linesource Monitor is Audiophile sound quality with custom home theater and hifi installation flexibility. As a triple stacked LSM, this system offers all of the speed and dispersion of the single LSM but with even greater room and vertical coverage and exceptionally high, undistorted and natural dynamics.


The LineSource Monitor is a distinct step forward in high end audio and loudspeaker design in general. It's coaxial LineSource Ribbon configuration. 

The coaxial Ribbon LineSource configuration allows it to produce a wider and deeper listening sweetspot than any other loudspeaker design produced to-date. With digital correction it holds the promise of complete phase coherence in the listening area, something that is simple not possible with dome tweeter/cone woofer based designs or parallel linesource (classic electrostatic and ribbon design) systems. 

The LineSource Monitor is the gifted all around player thanks to the new 15" Oval Ribbons and 4 superb 5" Peerless (made in Denmark) midbasses. 

The midbasses are mounted in a sealed enclosure well damped and braced, the LSM weighs in at 46 pounds (21kg). As an on-wall, it should really be classified as an on-stud since it's weight precludes mounting with drywall anchors. 

The LSM is also a very high efficiency loudspeaker for a Ribbon speaker of modest dimensions. Very low powered amps will be able to drive it to satisfying levels. 

Given that almost the entire front surface of the loudspeaker is diaphragm, it should be no surprise that the LineSource Monitor offers great dynamics. Not only are there four 5" midbasses per enclosure to carry the load, but they have exceptionally long linear throws for accurate response at high levels. 

The LineSource Monitor offers Ribbon transparency, detail, soundstaging in a package with application and placement flexibility that no other planar loudspeaker can approach.


The LineSource Monitors excel as near field monitors, surround speakers in a large home theater system, or fronts as well in a smaller system. It can also produce beautiful music mounted on-wall or as the front left and right in a small stereo system with a subwoofer. As an on-desk computer speaker, the LSM has no peers but keep in mind that it is not magnetically shielded so a 50cm distancing from a CRT monitor would be prudent. 

The LSM also serves well as a centre channel speaker if there is 26" or more space above or below the video screen. Of course, if you have Newform Research Ribbon speakers on front left and right, it is highly unlikely you'll need a centre. 

Whether stereo hifi or home theater (or home cinema) the LSM really has no format limitations due to its transparency, dynamics and soundstaging capabilities. 

With surprising bass capability, the LSM probably won't require a subwoofer unless used in a large room or in a home theater system.  Make the sub a good one which allows a < 60Hz crossover point. 

As with all Newforms, given their high, even impedances, virtually any amplifier made in the past 30 years will drive them well. How loud do you want it and how musical is the amplifier are the questions. 

With a subwoofer, the LSMs will generate high output levels and light up rooms from small to large. They should be installed to cover the strata of the seated listening ear but they may also be stacked to allow greater vertical coverage. In very difficult room situations, they may be aimed fairly precisely to minimize objectionable room reflections and establish a satisfactory "sweet spot".



Additional Info

  • Specifications:

    Triple LineSource Monitor

    Dimensions: 77" H x8" W x10"D 

    Weight:  160 lbs per side

    Base Size: 22" x 16"

    Standard Finish: Oak

    Grills Optional, please call for details

    Warranty: 5 year parts and labour warranty, with 1 way shipping.

    Frequency Response: 42 - 20 KhZ

    Sensitivity: 94dB

    Min/Max Power: 10 - 300w

    Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms

    Bass Drivers: 12  x 5" Peerless long throw woofers

    Crossover: External Passive or Digital

    Application: Front L & R, Surround, Centre

    Sub Required?  For Home Theater

    Type of Amplifier Required: Virtually any amplifier will drive the LSM well. This includes tubes>5w/ch and any receiver. Newform Ribbons present a very easy load.

  • Pricing:

    LineSource Monitor - triple

    Twelve Peerless Heavy Duty 5" woofers and 45" ribbon

    List Price Per Pair in Canada only (Canadian Dollars)

    List Price:  $11,995.00      Factory Direct: $6976.00

    • Call or email for personal system advice and the name of your nearest dealer.
    • 30 day "Let's make sure" period. Offer applies to systems, not raw drivers and kits.

    List Price Per Pair  Continental US (US Dollars)

    List Price:  $11,995.00      Factory Direct: $6576.00

    Price Per Pair Europe (US Dollars)

    FOB Your Nearest International Airport 

    List Price:  $13,295.00      Factory Direct:  $7,312.00

    Price Per Pair Asia (US Dollars)

    FOB Your Nearest International Airport

    List Price:  $13,995.00      Factory Direct:  $7,687.00