Ribbon Monitor 58

Ribbon Monitor 58

The Ribbon Monitor 58 produces Ribbon transparency from a highly aesthetic package.  This is the smallest loudspeaker you can buy with a full 8" Ribbon tweeter.  It's small footprint and wide dispersion allow great placement flexibility while still maintaining a superb soundstage.  The use of a 8" Ribbon and single 5" heavy duty Peerless woofer assures high dynamics and great clarity.  Bass reach is exceptional in this size of loudspeaker.

The Ribbon Monitor 58 can be used in virtually all rooms in most ranges of systems from pure stereo in a dedicated music system to full surround sound in a large home theater system.  A subwoofer would be required in larger rooms or in a home theater installation.

As with all Newform Ribbon loudspeakers, superb results can be achieved with a wide range of tube and solid state electronics.
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Additional Info

  • Specifications:

    Ribbon Monitor 58

    Dimensions: 19" High, 11.5" Deep, 8" Wide

    Weight:  32 lbs

    Standard Finish: Oak Veneer

    Grill Material:  Soft Grill

    Warranty:  5 year parts and labour warranty, with 1 way shipping.

    Frequency Response: 48 - 20 kHZ

    Sensitivity:  90db

    Min/Max Power:  20 - 120w

    Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms

    Bass Drivers:  1 x 5" Peerless Long Throw Woofer

    Ribbon Driver: Ribbon 8 Neodymium

    Crossover:  1.6k, 12dB woofer 12dB on Ribbon

    Application:  Front L & R, Surrounds, Centre

    Sub Required?  For HT or Large room

    Type of Amplifier Required: Virtually any amplifier will drive any of our loudspeakers well. This includes tubes>5w/ch and any receiver. Newform Ribbons present a very easy load.

  • Pricing:

    LineSource Monitor 58

    List Price  Per Pair  (Canadian Dollars)

    $2,895.00                Factory Direct Discount - 53%

    • Call for personal system advice and the name of your nearest dealer.
    • 30 day "Let's make sure" period. Offer applies to systems, not raw drivers and kits.

    List Price / Per Pair  Continental USA (US Dollars)

    $2,895.00                 Factory Direct Discount - 53%

    Price Per Pair Asia
    FOB Your Nearest International Airport (US Dollars)


    Price Per Pair Europe
    FOB Your Nearest International Airport (US Dollars)