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This system is now 6 or 7 years old but for those interested, it can still provide great sound for very few dollars.  If you can't find a Panasonic receiver, a good Onkyo will do nicely.   BTW, virtually all the receivers we've tested from major manufacturers over the $1500 price point have good sounding amplifier sections.   With Onkyo, this seems to start at $600.

Note that some digital amps have crossovers built in like Hypex and Tact.  Several Onkyo receivers have digital crossovers built in like the Onkyo 818 and the new Emotiva pre-processor is supposed to feature crossover capability.  When combined with room correction as in the Onkyo and Emotiva, the results can be superb.  Note however, that crossover settings flexibility varies widely in these components and may not be suitable for your particular speaker system.

The digital output from the CD or DVD player is connected to input A of the Behringer. 

The Behringer crossover then separates the signal into high and low frequencies for both right and left channels. 

Outputs 1, 2 and 3 are for the left channel. Output channel two feeds the midbass (up to 1kHz) and channel 3 feeds the Ribbon (1kHz and above). 

Outputs 4, 5 and 6 are the right channel outputs. Output 4 feeds the midbass and 6 the Ribbon. 

Outputs 1 and 4 are not used in our system. They could be used in the future if we wanted to incorporate a subwoofer into the design making it a 3 way. 

The Behringer crossover feeds the Panasonic receiver which is used strictly for its amplifiers. The input is the 6 channel DVD analog inputs which allows us to use 4 of the 6 inputs. The front channel inputs (left and right) are used for the midbasses and the surround inputs are used for the Ribbons. The Panasonic must be set to DVD 6 channel mode via the button beside the power button on the remote. 

The Volume control on this system is the remote control for the Panasonic. 

You could use the Behringer input and output level controls as well but these should be set and left once the proper level for your room has been arrived at. 

If you are using a preamplifier, the analog outs (left and right) would be plugged into the Behringer inputs A and B. The setup of the Behringer will have to be changed so the input A is analog rather than our setting of digital (AES/EBU). 

Note that the Panasonic receiver is being used only for its amplifiers. It becomes a "dumb" power amp. Once set up in this configuration, you can’t plug other inputs into it or run surround speakers from it. The Panasonic must be driven by the Behringer only. 












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