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Many people consider building their own enclosures to save a little money. On closer examination, most people find our factory cabinets impossible to duplicate for the price differential. Kits are attractive for people who would like to do something different in the mid-bass enclosure department. There are many ways to improve on the structure of our enclosures but they all take a great deal of time and significant expense to follow through on. For those satisfied with a well braced 1" MDF cabinet, but want a finish to match their room decor, custom veneering is the only option. Again, considerable time and effort is involved. 

Given the range of Ribbon drivers we offer, a huge number of custom projects can be successfully undertaken.

For what is possible with our Ribbons and kits, take a look through the Customer Projects page. Whether your aim is custom cabinetry, in wall installations or radical enclosure construction, our Ribbon Speaker Kits will allow you to get the most music from the sweat of your own brow. We will work with you on your concept so let us know what you are planning. 



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