Discontinued Products


Essentially a floor standing version of the R58 with slightly better bass extension and our R30 Ribbon, the R530 is at home in many applications and will add speed and transparency to any corner of an audio system. The R530 is capable of very high dynamics when used with a subwoofer as well as correct scale due to the height of the R30. In a small room, the R530 will provide the basis for an excellent music system. It is also suitable for lower seating positions as it is 4" lower than the R630 or R645.


The R58 is a very high quality small monitor. It can be used for fine stereo in a small room without a subwoofer or as the mains, surround or center channel in a home theater.

Module 30 Loudspeaker

The Module 30 loudspeaker can bring true high end experiences into any system when used with a good subwoofer. Excellent soundstaging. Great detail. 

At $1640 per pair delivered while stocks last, the Mod 30 delivers high end fidelity at a bargain basement price.


The NHB630 incorporates the same bass enclosure as NHB 645 but replaces the R45 with the new Oval 30 RIbbon. 

R830 Loudspeaker

The R830 loudspeaker is the simple solution since it provides substantial bass and fine detail with excellent sound staging. The Peerless 8" mid-bass driver produces solid, dynamic bass into the low 30 Hz region, eliminating the need for a subwoofer in almost all stereo and many home theater applications. 


An upcoming model using our new enclosure technology and 6 to 8 midbass drivers with stacked R45s. For rooms larger than 14x20. Will almost certainly include DSP crossovers. Due to the expected sensitivity range of 93 to 95dB, amplification requirements will be modest but obviously large scale amplification will be readily accommodated.

NHB Essential

(Dual 30" Ribbons, dual 5" mid-bass drivers and Subwoofer per side)

Scaling the Peaks of the High-End
External Crossovers. 
Highly Customized. 

NHB 358

The NHB 358 is designed to produce real music in a small room. With three ScanSpeak Revelator 5" and our cast steel NHB 8 Ribbon superb transparency, detail and dynamics are possible. With our new enclosure technology, DSP crossovers and biamplification, superb musical performance is assured. The NHB 358 is still in development. 

Linesource Reference System

The basic premise of a line source loudspeaker is its controlled vertical radiation pattern and its extended “near field” effect.

NHB 58

The NHB 58 incorporates a huge amount of new technology in one design. This new technology is focussed on eliminating errors such as diffraction, cabinet wall talk and internal standing waves. It is one of the most advanced loudspeakers available at any price and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Linesource Basic Black

The Basic Black speaker models correspond exactly to their higher end namesakes in configuration but differ in midbass drivers and cabinet construction. The Ribbons are the same as are the crossovers. And they only come in black.

NHB 645

The NHB645 is a No Holds Barred version of our most popular loudspeaker, the R645. The NHB 645 utilizes ultra rigid, formed maple plywood to create a cabinet which from both the outside and the inside is an improvement on virtually every high end loudspeaker cabinet in the world. On the inside, the reduced parallel surfaces minimize standing waves and reflections and on the outside, the heavily curved and sloped surfaces smooth the waveflow for dramatically reduced diffraction.