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Expert advice is great if the expert understands their subject and if you can understand the expert. We have a great deal of experience in making our loudspeakers perform extremely well in all kinds of audio/home theater systems in all kinds of homes.  Add to this board rooms, public assembly rooms and open areas as well as small theaters and arts centres.

In addition, the characteristics of Newform loudspeakers which allow them to perform so well in the home also allow them to perform extremely well in small to medium sized public venues.  Instead of audiophile terms like "transparency" and "detail", Newform LineSources used in public areas deliver very high levels of intelligibility and smooth, even sound in the room both side to side and front to back.

The Newform site is designed to clarify the issues involved in achieving great sound for the buyer in his own room. Understand the factors which affect the performance of an audio system and what you are expecting from it and the choices are a great deal easier to make. We are here to offer the best tools and advice to help you quickly sort out the room acoustics and loudspeaker system interactions.

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