Speech Intelligibility

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Many people notice their hearing declining as they grow older. 

Hearing loss does come with age but that is no reason to abandon music. Reduced speech intelligibility can be disconcerting but musical appreciation does not suffer with age. In fact, music can add a great deal to the enjoyment of life. 

High resolution audio is a weapon against middle age hearing loss just as a good workout is a good defence against heart disease. 

The cleaner music is, the less stressful and more satisfying it will be to listen to.   Like moving from a crowded, noisy room to a quiet environment, a well setup high end audio system will delivery a relaxed, intelligible, and highly musical experience. 

Ways to improve intelligibility include elimination of noise sources and reduction of strong and discordant reflections. Strong slap echo becomes more disconcerting as age increases so take extra care to reduce, damp or break up bare walls or glass surfaces. 

LineSources (line arrays) and Ribbons dramatically reduce the ceiling and floor slap echo to which conventional dome tweeter based systems are prone. 

Listening fatigue and intelligibility are inversely proportional.   In a public forum poor intelligibility results in loss of focus of the audience and a much less effective presentation.   In a home environment, lack of clarity results in progressively less time spent enjoying music and movies.

Our hearing changes over the course of our lives and so does our sensitivity to certain types of noise and response anomalies. We can’t fix, but we can re-adjust effectively. 

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