Owners Comments

I am thrilled with Newform Research ribbon tweeters!
My first set were the R30 units, which despite my limited experience, floored me with the amount of detail they delivered. I was hooked.

Since then I have done a lot of experimentation with different speaker drivers, to learn and develop my ear, as well as for the quest for my perfect sound.

Through that time period I have kept coming back to the Newform. I tried very nice tweeters, but every time they lacked something that the big ribbons delivered. A friend said it best while we were trying a new set of ring radiators, " these don't sound like your ribbons, these just sound like regular speakers."

I now use 45" of Newform Research Oval tweeters, 8" Seas Magnesium midwoofers, and Eton woofers, in a large 3 way design. Crossover duties are performed by a minidsp unit.

Thank you so much for making these speakers.

Kevin, BC, Canada


(Custom made dual Revelator 5" modules for use with R45s) 

The speakers arrived, and I couldn't be happier with their appearance. 
They really are beautiful John, and I will keep you informed on the progress of the break-in. Again, thanks. 

Bill (Oregon) 


(Custom Finish NHB645s) 

I have had the speakers running when I've been in town and they still sound great. Also, I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship. Great job! 

A.D., Shanghai 



My new home has a room large enough to show the strength of your design. It's thrilling - best I've had since B.K. (Before Kids). 

J.A., Massachusetts 


(Custom finish R645v3)

I wanted to send a brief note that the 645's arrived last week on Monday. It's been busy here with the holiday so I have not had a chance to send you a note sooner. 

Your packaging is very good as I was really worried looking at the outside of the cartons, pretty beat up. It was very cold last week so I let them sit for a day before installing them. The cabinet finish is perfect and the sound from them is everything I was hoping for, very crisp and clear. Still doing the break-in but each day they are sounding better. 

Thank you for doing the custom finish and I'm sure I'll enjoy them for many years. 

G.L., Massachusetts 


(Prototype LineSource Reference) 

Wow....was able to fit a quick sampling before China......sounds fabulous...can't wait to get back and adjust....not so easy to move these speakers around, huh? 

the system...sounds wonderful...have a couple of questions but I have to catch on work first...... 

Thanks very much so far for everything and talk to you soon....will take a couple of pics later today I hope for your reference. 

C.S., Japan 



Greetings and salutations! A number of years ago I purchased a pair of your R645's, which replaced a a pair of Aerial acoustics 10T's. I probably gave you back the shortest feedback you'd ever received, which went something along the line of 10T + R645= R645, meaning the R645's were the speaker of choice...The 645's did everything so well that the one small artifact they exhibited (an occasional loss of image height on deeper-pitched voices or instruments, as those notes emanated from the scanspeak mid/woofers) took years to make me look for something else. Guess what-I've still to find any other speaker that does everything as well as your Newforms (If you'll remember, I work for an Audio/video dealer here in the northwest area). 

R.C., Pacific Northwest 


(R45s in Customer Design) 

This system has about 5 minutes of tuning behind it but it literally brought tears to my eyes. I got so emotional I had to stop listening and write you. These ribbons are so beautiful, I've not heard anything like them since the Acustat 2+2's that lived with me for a while. You should be very proud of your achievement. They are a lot better than the XXX's, btw, but you already knew that ;-) ... 

...Firstly congratulations on your line source announcement, with formed cabs and new ribbons. These are wonderful achievements and I hope the bootless and unhorsed have a clue how hard you've worked and what a fine contribution these are to our quest. 

I have been moving slowly because I have learned to savor any moments of success. I've just now moved beyond my 3-ways using the ribbons in place of the 8 'omni' Peerless tweeters. The ribbons have been so sweet and my 1st order 12" + 5" lower end was so locked in that every album has been a joy of rediscovery. 

R.J., Salem, NC 



Hey John, I purchased a pair of R645s from you back in September 2000, and I still love them. On several occasions I have absolutely stunned people who were into quality sound but didn't know your speakers. 

Right now they are in front of me about 10 feet away, as I work on my 30 inch Apple Cinema display (which is centered ahead of me, and flanked visually by the two R645s that are back across the room. Makes for pretty spectacular viewing of DVDs. 



(Re: LineSource Update)

Interesting stuff - thanks for the update. Still loving every note from the 645s. 


C.J. New Jersey 


(R30s in Customer design) 

The speakers are arrived, and the sound is greath ! 
Thanks also for the caps, but I prefere the bi-amp. 

M. S. Italy 


This is a bit of a fan letter on the occasion of (approximately) a year since I got the R645v3 speakers. As I’ve listened to them more, and adjusted other things in the system, I am just more thrilled with the sound. My wife and I recently attended an audio show (AK Fest, near Detroit) and heard a number of very expensive speakers – but none that we preferred to the Newforms, and only one (the $11,000 Quad 2905) that we felt was in the ballpark. 

I’m now using a complete Bel Canto setup (CD2, DAC3, M300 amps), Analysis Plus cables, and a z-Systems zQualizer digital eq (to reduce a few small room-related bass peaks). I found that the Mundorf silver-in-oil caps on the ribbons were a significant step up as well. Everyone who’s heard this setup, including experienced audiophiles, think it sounds fabulous. 

Thanks once again for your help at the time of the purchase, and for making these terrific speakers! 

R. C. Pennsylvania 


Coaxial LineSource (2 Module Oval 30) 

Speakers I have owned and compared these to include Magnepan Tympani 4a's, PMC FB1's, Magnepan MG12's, B&W's etc. 

These are the smartest, most elegantly design speaker that I have had the pleasure to listen to, anywhere, any time. Mr. Meyer has combined the characteristics of classic line source (woofers) with his perfectly matched oval ribbon tweeter design. 

T. A. Ontario 


Customer Project R645s 

To me they sound terrific, the two mid drivers (Morel MW267) add more force to the sound, the definition is better, the soundstage is much more stable and location of each instrument, particularly voices, is great. By the way, it all comes alive with the great BBE DS48 xover. Without it, it would be disastrous. I guess using good passive xovers would also be a successful project. I would like to thank you for your help and encouragement in building them. I am really satisfied with the end result. 

Yehuda - Israel

The Ribbons sound great, the mid?bass units seem to be coming along slowly. At first I was concerned that this design was overdamped but each time I play them they seem to have a bit more life. I always end up buying floor models so I've never had to "break in" a speaker. 

I am very impressed with the build quality. 

F. P., Washington 


Anyway, with the Musicap your speaker became lovely sound regenerator. I'll stay with your speaker and when time is right I'll try the upper model. Thanks again 

C. Y., Hong Kong 


The R630V3 is breaking in fastly. 
After replacing the stock ribbon caps to Mundorf Supreme, I hear more details and air. 

Also, the woofers are now making deep bass better than they did a week ago. 
The imaging gets better after some tuning in the speaker position, but the sweet spot seems to be rather small, less than 50Cm wide. 

Any way, I love this speaker, thanks. 


S. P., Seoul 


I’m up and running. They sound great so far. I am an opera enthusiast and opera is the type of music (I would argue) that most benefits from accurate spacial presentation. On the Newforms good opera recordings (esp the older 1960s and early stereo ones) give a positively spooky sense of space. Sometimes a little too much: sometimes I can hear or imagine I can hear the microphoning arrangement and spot?lighting. Also I am amazed at the quantity and quality of the bass. 

J.S. London 


Have listened to them for several weeks and like them very much. They are the real deal. Thank you. 

J.R., Washington 


With the 630s I seem be getting:

  • more detail and clearer sound, even at lower volumes
  • more authority
  • a better 3D musical image
  • improved ability to play louder without any loss of quality
  • a more pleasing sound that can be quite hypnotic and addictive
  • crisper hand claps and crisper brushes going across cymbals
  • voices that should be coming from the centre of the tv screen seemed to be more pronounced and easier to hear.
  • small musical details that I had never noticed before were now making themselves heard
  • a more effortless listening experience
  • better sense that some pieces of music consist of multiple layers of sound

These 630 improvements are not minor, they are significant and easy to detect. I am delighted that I decided to make this upgrade. 

D.S., Ontario 


Love the speakers, the longer they play the more I wish I had gotten them years ago. But years ago you didn't have this version and I prefer the sealed enclosure. I'm amazed at how good the speakers sound. I think you make a great speaker at a bargain price. Not everybody will like the look and I feel sorry for them. 

J. C., North Carolina 


I've had a pair of the new R630v3's for almost 2 months now. Fantastic sound! Bass goes down very low now. Soundstaging and imagery are outstanding. Definitely need to be bi?wired now and need about 50?100 hours burn?in for the speaker to come together but once it does this speaker reaches a new level. 

Very happy results. 

M C, Oregon 


Glad to hear your show went well. I am amazed more each day on these speakers. Love them. 



 You may think me mad, but I was so taken with the speakers you sent me, that like most human beings, I had to ask for more! Gluttony is a sin, but the appreciation of virtue is something quite different, and in this instance is one of the results of human creativity. Sorry to be so high-blown, but I've been enjoying music at home more than ever before - during the day, your speakers, Music Fidelity's 'nu-vista' amps (with a sub-woofer for the bottom -50-80 Hz downwrds) and Sony's exceptional SACD player, with a Michell Gyrodec/SMEarm/Koetsu cartidge; then, at night, I use Stax earphones with their tube power supply and a Music Fidelty nu vista CD player.

Good lord, I'm using 6000 pounds worth of headphones/CD to compare with your speakers, and know that the Newforms are more than a match. Anyway, I'm tired, but look forwar do hearing from you 

A.C. UK 


I've had my 645's for over a year and have upgraded the xover with componants fron north creek music and I still am in awe of these speakers they are truely a work of audio art,I have in the year traded or upgraded just about all my equipment at least once but one thing will always stay ,the 645's awesome. 




My 645s arrived yesterday in perfect shape. They're up and running. Absolutely terrific sound right out of the box. Thanks for inventing and making such a terrific product. I'm sure I'll be enjoying these for a long time. Can't wait until the digital systems are ready. The sound must be awesome.



I would like to offer the same courtesy I have received from Richard Dolan. If you ever have a serious potential costumer, and they would like to hear the R645 beforehand, I would gladly open my door to them. My room is a lot different them Richard's room, as I think my room is a tad more lively with a much wider staging. To be quite frank, I find my system, not to insult anyone, better sounding!!!!! Again my electronics is not the most outrageous as it comprise of a SimAudio Celeste 4250se for the R645, an Anthem AVM2 for pre, a new Sony DVP NS900V SACD/DVD/CD player. All of these components are connected with simple Cardas Crosslink and as you already knew, I am using a home made Cat 5 speaker cables. 

I have another question for you John. If so many people are tweaking the 645's, why is it you do not offer an "improve" version with the Blackhole 5 and the crossover network? I'll bet you could incorporate this to your speakers at a much cheaper cost what he could do ourself. 


(we actually can't beat the prices of the customizers and everyone wants something different! Plus DSP crossovers are right around the corner. We are offering the terminal plates for external crossovers. John Meyer) 


I've had the 645s you sent me for just over 2 weeks now, but have just recently had the time to seriously listen to them. 

Of course, I immediately noticed the smoothness and detail of the ribbon. The bass response is also quite impressive, if a little boomy in my current set-up. The composure the speakers retain at higher volumes is astonishing, and I find myself listening louder than I used to (maybe not a good thing...) 

The pair I have were "demos" you sent in place of the 630s that we had decided would be better for my room. You also suggested that if I wasn't happy with the 645s, I could return them for 630s when they became available again. I regret to inform you I will not be doing this. I have become quite fond of the height in the image they project, and will keep them for that and the other points I mentioned above. 

I haven't sent in the "warranty" card, but will do that this week. I am nearly at a loss for words in expressing my pleasure with these speakers. I have threatened to take them to a dealers store to stop him from questioning my decision, and I may just do that. Everyone who has listened to them is very impressed, but no one as much as myself. 

Consider me a convert. 

Thank you for your time, advice, honesty, generosity, and great products!

Bob C


I received my R645's last week and have installed and set them up within my dedicated listening room. I am currently using a Cary SLP94 pre-amplifier along with a 65 watt/channel Cary SLA-70B Signature amplifier. A first order passive line level high pass filter sits between the pre-amplifier and amplifier with a crossover point of 55 Hz. I also use a powered subwoofer with a 3rd order crossover set at 50 Hz. My listening room is 16 ft. x 15 ft. x 8 ft., is fairly well damped with substantial acoustical damping in all corners and on the side and rear (behind the listening position) walls. The rears of the R645's are placed 48 inches from the front wall while the outer sides are about 40 inches from the side walls. The R645 centers are approximately 8 ft. apart with the listening chair also placed 8 ft. from each center. 

Right out of the box I was astonished with the performance of the R645's ! Sound-staging was superb (as it was before with my former speakers). But I was not expecting the level of transparency and detail I experienced ! I was literally set back into my chair ! The frequency balance was much brighter than with my former speakers (Coincidence Super Conquests) and at first I thought it was too bright. But after several hours of listening to many different CD's, I realized that the tonal balance presented by the R645's is much closer to being correct than with the Conquests. 

I've now been listening to the R645's for about a week with perhaps 20 hours of actual playing time. The R645's have become smoother and more refined during this time and I expect this to continue for the next 50 hours or so. Initially some music sounded "zippy" with perhaps some "ringing", such as on massed strings. This has greatly diminished already. 

Bass & Mid-Bass: 

I can't find the right words to describe how good these R645`s sound . Bass and Mid-Bass is so improved over my previous setup. Tight, tune-full, forceful but in correct balance with the mids and highs. Standup bass is superb as is tympani and bass drums. I can't imagine it being much better than this. Integration with my sub-woofer is extremely good with no tonal or spatial clues as to where very low bass is emanating from. My previous setup suffered from lower to mid-bass bloat, even though I have base traps. Not so with the R645's ! Only a slight boom at around 60 - 70 Hz remains (main room mode) but at a greatly diminished level. Kudos to the dual Scanspeak mid-bass design. And they haven't been broken in yet! 


Fantastic ! Piano is truly amazing as are percussive and strings ! I still can't get over the transparency and transient capability these ribbons exhibit. Details are also superb. I now listen to my music at lower volume levels since the transient, detail and transparency performance of the R645's seem so much more linear with volume than my previous setup. Dynamic contrasts are also superb with no evidence of compression or distortion at higher volume levels. My previous speakers exhibited an annoying habit of "blurring" musical details when louder passages were played. Their manufacturer told me that this was due to the amplifier I was using. Perhaps so, but I doubted that conclusion. Now I know why! With the R645's I can listen deep into the soundstage during low level passages with ease yet clearly discern individual performers or instruments during loud passages. Quite simply, wonderful...


Astonishing detail and transparency. Cymbals sound like cymbals, the first home system I've owned that could achieve this feat. The ability to separate and provide space between individual sources of upper octave music is wonderful and beyond anything I've heard under $15K. Some passages sound a little "zippy" but as yet I'm not sure that this is the music itself (CD's) or the R645's. Also, some of the higher frequency instruments seem to be pushed slightly forward in the sound stage. Again, this may be what is recorded.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the R645's and am enjoying my CD collection all over again. I now have to tear myself away from listening sessions. Thanks for a superb product that is an unbelievable value. 


Bob W 


Our speakers arrived yesterday and we could hardly wait to get home to put them together. A bit of a workout, I'd say but obviously worth it. I had no idea what everyone really meant by "the speakers just disappear". Wow! 


Brad P 


I had 2 friends over to listen the other night and they were very impressed. The soundstage is spectacular in the current setup with the speakers 7 ft. from the rear wall and about 3 ft from side walls. I started the listening session with some jazz played at a moderate level and they were immediately aware of the depth and solidity of the soundstage. At low levels these speakers present a complete sonic picture with excellent detail making low level listening an enjoyable experience. When sounds fade into the background they do so with a natural quality, maintaining there place in the soundstage, that I have not heard before from any other speaker. The Scan Speak woofers seem to have an ability to present low level detail with a delicate and slightly rich sound that I find very natural. These qualities are rare in conventional speakers. We listened to a wide variety of music and the sound was never less than excellent. On the other end of the dynamic scale I was able to startle them with the opening drum beats of Coplands Fanfare For a Common Man (I had my sub on for this cut). The 645's handled the high level horns in this piece with effortless ease. I am running them full range and the woofers do not lose control and start to flop around when deep bass is present like many other reflex designs I have auditioned. They can sort out the most complex music at high levels without the sound stage collapsing. 



I'm the guy (maybe you have many) that said he has been dissatisfied with every system he's owned. I seem to hear problems that most people can't and I've gotten a lot of funny looks when I've sited problems with equipment that "everybody" loves. When I bought the ReQuests (the last incarnation), I thought that they would be transparent (as often reviewed/advertised). So when the system sawed on my ears and did not have enough presence, I started interviewing other components in my system. This disappointing waste of time led me to believe that audio technology just wasn't there yet (especially digital source). Since I'd heard so many rave about your speakers, I thought I'd give it another try; maybe the R645's would be different than the long line of speakers that I'd owned and listened to in the past. 

I hooked them up skeptically and BAM... as advertised. They are transparent with no fatigue, efficient, quick, involving... was that a tear running down my face? The old components and the same CD's, but the ear burn was gone. Some CD's that bothered me like fingernails on a chalkboard now sound great. 



Thank you, thank you, thank you. The R645's are all that I dreamt of. After listening to them for two hours -a very intense experience- I put the packaging materials in the recycle bin. You won't be seeing these babies back. Feel free to give my e-mail address to any Dutch prospects who want to listen before buying. 



Well I have been listening to the R645 for a few weeks now and I would like to say they are outstanding. You were right about the placement in the room. I did have to do some work on tuning the room to get out the reflections but it was not a lot of work. They are starting to settle in and every day are getting better. The one thing I had to do was some work on my turntable. The unit I was using was not able to deliver the spatial placement. So I had some upgrading to do. Funny thing is I was not able to discern this when I had the Logans. So I think this says a lot about these. I have some folks coming over shortly to do some listening so Ill let you know later their impressions. So far all I can say is this:

Were delivered way faster than I thought they would be.

  • Packed exceptionally well.
  • Great fit and finish.
  • Outstanding sound, and imaging.
  • Very revealing.
  • Easy load for the amps.

Great Speakers !!!!

Thanks, Dan 


I've followed your suggestion and moved the 645's to the short wall and worked on setting them up all evening - man, do they sound so much better! You were absolutely right. 

I posted on Audio Review that the Hsu crossover sounded bad through the 645, but I had forgotten that my friend has modified the high pass to run less gain, so no wonder it sounded broken! After fiddling a bit I ended up with the x-over point at 51Hz and now the system gets very(!) loud with no compression, and still all the transparency of your fabulous 645 intact. At first I was getting too much room sound for my taste, so I put the speakers and couch pretty close together, with each at the 1/3 line of the room. The stereo Hsu's are the short version of the cylinders (1225's), and I have them placed right next to the 645's on the outside. It makes for a fairly good aesthetic match. 

I've been an audiophile for 35 years now, and I've worked for Mark Levinson (at Cello) as one of his field tech and set up guys, and these days I photograph some of the best recording studios and mastering rooms in the US for SSL and Sony Pro Audio (and others), and I have to tell you your speaker is about as good as it gets in my experience. 



I posted a review of your product. Thanks again for the time you spent with me and for an excellent product.

Regards, Glen 


Just a short note to let you know that the 645's arrived safe and sound today. 

I've been listening to them almost non-stop all evening. In fact it was hunger that forced me to stop! I'm really at a loss for words. They are so much more than I was expecting. Very revealing. Huge sound stage. Silky smooth. They sound so much more like real music than any other speaker I've owned. And unlike the other planar speakers I've owned, they can really move air. And you say they aren't broken in yet ? Gawd!

Thank you, 


FYI: received the 645's today in good shape. Burning them in now, so far sound fantastic! 


Great work, John!




In short, I am very impressed with the 645s and enjoy them immensely (I've been listening to them for approx four months). I wrote a positive and somewhat lengthy review at Audio Review so you may want to check it out. It should be one of the latest reviews. In particular, you may want to review my "quibbles" section near the end of the review (relax, it is minor stuff; just food for thought). Congratulations on a development of a superb product at an exceptional price.



It's been a year since I first bought my 645's. Just wanted to write you and say that everything is great. I've added a Bryston 3b-st amp and now use my Marantz SR-8000 receiver as a pre-pro since I last talked to you. I am a home theater enthusiast and love these speakers in my home theater setup. I am still researching front projectors and hope to add it to my setup this year. I am member of the Home Theater Forum. I try to share my love of these speakers with others, but find it quite hard to reveal how good they sound when they can not listen for themselves.

Thanks for making a great speaker.



Thank you for your recommendations concerning amplifiers. I recently purchased a Rotel RB991 power amp from someone one the internet and it mates beautifully with the system. That with a couple of cable changes, made a world of difference. Again your babies just keep getting better with each improvement. I'm almost scared to think of what the Hovland caps and Teknasonic resonance control devices would do. 


Here's an endorsement. Hope it's what you're looking for. Feel free to use it on your website or in any promotional materials.

"These speakers (R-645's) will play ferociously loud without losing their swingin' rhythm, soundstaging capabilities or tonal balance. In fact, they will rattle things loose that you always thought were tight - Just ask my window frame!"


I have the 630's running and they sound amazing.

Kudos on the packing job! 

Thanks for your help.
Gary H


 I was a little nervous ordering speakers (Mod 30s) without having heard them but let me tell you, you won't be getting any of these back.
South Carolina, USA


Everything is set up as we discussed and they (Mod 30s) perform just as all the experts say. I have been enjoying them every day.


These (R8-1-30s) are great loudspeakers and I don't mean just for the money.


Thanks for making such a product available. I could never have afforded to have sound like that if you hadn't. They sound so wonderful, I forgot about buying new equipment and I just started buying a lot of music.
Thanks again.


About a year ago I bought a pair of R8-1s and couldn't have been more pleased. Now I am thinking about a pair of NHB Essentials.
The Standing Mod 30s and Sub 1 we purchased last January are just fine. So fine that several colleagues have indicated interest in obtaining their own.

I just love these speakers (R8-2). I have rediscovered music after 15 years. Last night my teenagers came downstairs at 12:30 and yelled at me to turn it down.

I am one of your very satisfied owners of the R8-1-30s. Great sound!
I also want to thank you again for your patient advice regarding my hifi setup.

Thanks for making a great sounding product.


Thank you for your design (NHB) and help along the way.

I am very happy with the Ribbons and the complete speakers.


I am very happy with these (R8-2) speakers and very much prefer them to the Martin Logan Aerius.


After many years of frustration I have finally achieved what I consider to be astounding success.


Based on what I heard at CE-EX, I may just go out and buy a van just to have Ribbons on the road.
When I do something with my xxx speakers, I'll be back for your larger models. I'd do it now if I could!
(R5-2 owner)


I wish I had known about your speakers before I got my big MLs. Your Module 30 (used for centre channel) is a lot faster.
Your brochure is easily the most informative I have ever read and your philosophy is a tremendous breath of fresh air.

 For more indepth opinions, visit www.audio-review.com Our highly rated speakers are listed under 'N' speakers.


Another testimonial that counts is the used speaker market place. Try buying a used pair of Newforms. It is next to impossible because there are hundreds of owners out there who aren't selling. Find out why they feel Newform Ribbons can't be improved upon.
John Meyer, Designer


 I would like to congratulate you on your Ribbon design. I have never heard reproduced music like this before. Details, details, more details.
L.L., Florida, USA 


The imaging is remarkable. I shall forbear a rhapsody in the awful style of "Stereophile": sufficient to say that one can hear separate voices in the choir on the Bach B Minor Mass we have.
D.B. Colorado, USA


The imaging and detail from these Ribbon speakers is stunning.
R.B., Manilla, Philippines


Thanks for your help. I think you make a fine product.
D.R., San Francisco, USA


The R5-2s sound more in line with the Martin Logans and Apogees I have heard locally here in Indianapolis. They are more than just fine.


My R8-1-30 continues to be a great pleasure and the strong point of my stereo set-up. Let me tell you about the sound. It's wonderful.
J.R., Buffalo, USA


Thanks again for a superb product. They make me just listen to the music again.
L.S., Nova Scotia, Canada


I have had my speakers since March and they are superb!! I am constantly stunned by their imaging and clarity.
M.G., Cyberspace


Best sound I've ever had in my home!
S.C., San Diego, USA


After 10 years of trying, your Ribbons have finally gotten rid of the "squonk" ("box sound"). Thank you!
D.A., Quebec City, Canada


I finally ended up keeping the R8-1-30s at the front and moving the Quads to the rear.

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