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Our loudspeakers are built around our new technology Ribbon drivers. These Ribbons are a clean sheet design and were developed to produce the transparency and detail of the large classic Ribbon and electrostatic panel loudspeakers. The objective was to offer the audio magic (transparency and detail) of the classic panels in updated speakers which are vastly easier to live with in terms of demands on the amplifier, room placement, reliability and dynamics. 

Newform Ribbon loudspeakers offer a great musical experience in a far more practical package at a far lower cost than ever before. How? Look at the speakers. They are extremely narrow which reduces diffraction and baffle bounce, both of which smear the sound quality and reduce a listeners ability to hear into the music. Almost the entire front of the speaker is composed of diaphragms. These diaphragms only radiate to the front so there is no back wave to complicate room setup or compromise home theatre applications. 

The parts used are world class yet the cost is very, very competitive. This is the result of new technology breakthroughs, tight design and factory directly supported sales. No one can better support our loudspeakers than we can and no one knows your listening room and musical tastes better than you do. Dealers and custom installers can be of enormous help with the overall system design especially when their expertise is integrated with factory support.

We will discuss your system, your listening room and your taste in music. When these parameters clear, we can confidently recommend a suitable model. We regularly tell people our speakers aren't suitable for what they want to do, but once we make a recommendation, it is very rare that a system is sent back. We and our dealers undersell deliberately since the customer is covered by the one year 100% trade-in upgrade policy. We try to make your purchase as easy as possible. 

We are not here to sell unsuitable loudspeakers because returns cost us a great deal in time, freight, packaging, re-testing and discounted demo sales. 

This is not an instant shopping experience. Long term musical satisfaction takes a bit more consideration at the beginning. This consultation process doesn't have to be very time consuming, it just has to clarify the basics.

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