Keeping it Simple

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April 23rd Written by 

The high end audio community uses a great many special terms and concepts which are new to most people. But here is the fundamental point. Although we go to great lengths to make sure customers get the most from their loudspeakers and their complete systems, getting great sound is not difficult. 

Hook our Ribbon loudspeakers up to virtually any stereo amplifier or receiver made in the past 10 years and give them a little space in any average living room and you will end up with a very impressive sound system. 

Getting the best possible sound from your room and your components takes some thought but stepping up from a big box store system to high end audio is extremely simple. It is virtually plug and play with your old loudspeakers being unplugged and our Ribbons replacing them. 

Beyond that, there are high end preamps, crossovers, amplifiers and CD and DVD players. But there is no rush because the digital world is churning out generation after generation of better and cheaper products at a furious rate. Get the speakers right and the rest can follow on your timetable. 

Educate your ear and then improve your system as you get more comfortable with the room/speaker balance and with what new electronics can offer.


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