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November 16th Written by 

Most people are on the Newform site because they are looking for superb musical results at a reasonable cost. The worlds of audio and home theatre are changing rapidly but there are several trends apparent.


Both the music and video chains have gone digital. This is important because the price/performance ratios have begun to change dramatically just like computers.

As the amplifiers go digital, they become vastly smaller and given the DSP advantages of the digital chain, the face of audio has changed dramatically.  Room correction and digital crossovers offer great advances with no cost in transparency.

Spend what you are comfortable with but don't go overboard and don't buy "futures".


Video projectors have in the past suffered several problems when considered for home theatre systems. The first is cost and the second is performance. That is changing.  Very high performance projectors can now be had for $1500, where $20,000 was the price of admission 5 years ago.

Newform Research is very happy to see video projectors and flat screens displace traditional big box TVs because getting rid of 2 to 3 cubic metres of reflective glass and resonant plastic panels between the speakers can only improve the audio performance of any system. Certainly, this is a view held by every high end loudspeaker manufacturer.



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